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Steely Solitude

A few more shots from the day spent exploring the abandoned steel mill… IMG_9762_2-2 s

The light on the day was pretty perfect, streaming through all the holes in the steel cladding of the buildings, and that was fortunate given the utter lack of lighting or power within the buildings themselves. It sure was extremely dark in places, which the shots belie. Sometimes the only way to focus was with the aid of torchlight.

IMG_9814_2-2 sLooking forward to the next trip, that’s for sure. Someday… soon… hopefully…

Quiet Abandonment

I have to confess that there’s little that appeals to me more than wandering around an old abandoned steel mill with camera and tripod, spare batteries and cards, a working flash-light and my own never ending curiosity. Especially when there’s some pretty amazing light streaming through the holes in the walls and roof.

IMG_9720_2-2 s

The pictures seriously do NOT give an accurate idea of exactly how dark it was in there though, and trying to navigate between various levels in almost total darkness was decidedly entertaining… especially when venturing right up on top of the roof!!.. Ladders and ascents not for the feint hearted, especially with all the necessary camera gear in tow.

IMG_9711_3-2 s

The doorway shown above, at the end of the narrow walkway was the one that led out on to a narrow platform before the final ladder to the roof, and maybe gives a better idea of how dark it actually was. Fun fun fun :)

IMG_9571_2-2 sRumour is that there’s a possible buyer for the place though, so maybe this was my final abandoned adventure there, unless I manage to squeeze in another one obviously. Still have a few shots left to post at least. :)


Nuclear Skyline

IMG_2807 watermarked

Sunset Silhouettes

Sunset Silhouettes

Down By The River


Just occasionally, it is actually worth getting up early in the morning…

Pepperpot Sunset

Looks peaceful and serene eh !!.. Yeah RIGHT !!..

This is St Catherine’s Oratory, better known as the “Pepperpot”. It’s a medieval lighthouse first lit way back in 1328.

As for the serene part though, this was most definitely NOT. To reach said lighthouse was probably only about a mile from the car park, but the car park was at the bottom of the downs, and the pepperpot at the top of the downs. The climb must have easily been 45° !!, or at least that’s what my knees were telling me..  If that wasn’t bad enough though, this particular evening was a tad bit breezy… Breezy enough that I had to physically hang on to my tripod to prevent it blowing away whilst taking the shots.. I kid you not, and no more than a few miles from here they recorded 82mph gusts later that night.. It was so strong that my youngest WAS actually blown clean over.. Not that I laughed at all… Strangely enough though, she wasn’t too keen on my holding on the the cords of her jacket, and flying her down the hill like a kite !!.. No pleasing some kids !!.. I thought they all loved kite flying !!..

Men At Work

Girls in an abandoned girls school !!… Who’d-a-thought it…

Midnight Meanderings

It’s fair to say that I DO love a spot of night photography… All I wish is that night time wasn’t so darn late at night, when it’s all dark and stuff !!.. If nights weren’t so late, and mornings weren’t so early, I’d be a happy bunny mefinks..

This is Appley Tower on the Isle of Wight. The tower itself wasn’t lit unfortunately, so the shot itself had to be a 2 minute exposure to make best use of a few scattered street lights along the promenade behind me. Way off on the horizon you can also see another landmark from a previous vacation, which is the Spinnaker Tower with the ever so slightly impressive but disconcerting view..

Stuart the “Cereal Killer”

Seems Stuart has a bit of a dark side !!.. Lock up thine breakfast comestibles !!.. 

Hopping Off

Natures Necessities

Well all I can say, is it’s lucky he didn’t fall in. cos there’s no way I’d have been fishing him out…

Also, don’t forget to check out Stuart and Trevor’s Excellent Adventures for some more Danbo humiliation.. I mean humour… :)

Bath Night

Sometimes there’s just NO privacy these days !!… Think he needs a slightly bigger bath too…


Goodbye Old Friend


A shot from a rather exceptional day out today with old friends, and also making of new friends too… such as the urbex legend that is Andre Govia… All in all a mixed day of sorts.. Always good to be out with old friends, always good to meet new friends, but sad to think that this was probably the last visit to Lillesdon School for Girls, as it has now been purchased, and its precise future is pretty much unknown, other than it’s earmarked for development of apartments… Will they try to keep the building ??… I do hope so, as it would be such a shame to see a building of such ornate architecture demolished to make way for new, but it’s already cost someone £2.1 million ($3.3 million), and would likely cost as much again to renovate… We shall see…

Mischievous Misfortunes

Sometimes you just can’t take him anywhere !!…

Up The Creek

A shot from the end of a rather pleasant day out with friends… although one of them got in to all sorts of mischief.  More on that in another post. Spent the day investigating some unused churches around the area, and ended up here for a few rather nice landscapey type shots… Not entirely sure about this one, as I do hate the sun being burnt out like that, but I loved the light it was casting across the scene… Note to self, must get myself a graduated ND filter mefinks.. along with all the other things I want…

Stuart Makes His First Friend

Meet the latest addition to the household, and someone I’m thinking may become a long-term photo buddy of mine… although given the fact he needed assistance from a turtle to get out of his box, I’m not entirely sure I’m going to let him loose with any of my camera gear any time soon… You might also want to meet his long-lost cousin Trevor from the States…

Going Down

And now for something a bit more… well.. Maybe “normal” isn’t quite the right phrase, but normal’er… or for me at least… Still one of my favourite urbex locations is this place… At least that is until we manage to get in to the next on the list of must do’s, without being caught… ;)

Clawed By Claude

And now for something slightly different… Again…


So yesterday I managed to blow the dust off, and get out with my camera for the first time this year… and very quickly realise the reason why I HAVEN’T  been out with my camera this year… It was COLD !!..

Took this one with my real camera, but also decided to test the capabilities of my iPhone too while my blood was slowly crystallizing… and I have to confess, for a camera phone it’s pretty iMazing to say the least… I’ve been impressed with it already on a number of occasions, but last nights picture almost made me put my real camera away !!.. Only almost though, as it will never compete with a Canon obviously.. :)

If you’re on Instagram, then you can find it / me by searching for funkyslug… Or here’s a link to it for those who aren’t on Instagram…


I was sorely tempted to convert the previous post to black and white, but at the very last minute I decided against it… This one though just HAD to be black and white… Dontchafink ??… Right from the moment I stood in the cold, windy and muddy field composing the shot, I just KNEW there was only one option on processing… Maybe… More than likely… Probably… I think…

I used to be indecisive… Now I’m not quite so sure !!…

Brrrrrrr..illiant Skies

Have to confess to not having taken many pictures recently, cos… well… not to put too fine a point on it… IT’S TOO COLD !!!… and if it’s not too cold, then it’s too… well… Ok  ok, maybe it’s not actually TOO cold, but it’s as good an excuse as any to just stay snug and warm in front of the fire at this time of year… lol.. Actually I tell a lie, as I have been out, and have plenty of shots from some recent urbex explorations, but figured that maybe I should dig back through some as yet unused pics from our summer holiday, if for no other reason than they LOOK a bit warmer than my recent urbex pics… This was a beautiful day, plus, who doesn’t love a sky like this… :)

Beam Me Up

I seem to have cultivated / acquired / developed / produced a bit of a  problem… or an illness… or an addiction… or some may even consider it the early onset of insanity (although my kids may argue it’s not so early… lol).. Anyway, this “problem” I speak of has been slowly worsening over the past few years, and I can definitively trace the source back to its origins… which was HERE… An old abandoned iron foundry, that had a very convenient human sized hole in the fence…  I think I must have been bitten by something when I was in there… Fortunately though, that foundry is no longer in existence, so hopefully others won’t suffer the same fate as me…

The symptoms of said illness ??… An inane desire to seek out and sneak in to any and all abandoned and derelict locations I can find… Schools / Colleges / Hospitals / Mansions / Nursing Homes / Industrial Factories… If it’s old and unused (and generally unsafe) then that’s invitation enough normally… lol… Other symptoms also include cuts / abrasions / not being able to get clean for a week / dirty blood stained clothing, and smelling like something no human should really be smelling like…. It’s small wonder I have so few friends these days !!!… although I’m pretty sure it’s only mildly contagious…

Oh, and it also means that my much more “general consumption” landscapey type photography has suffered a bit, but then given that it’s fast heading in to winter here, that’s no bad thing…

So the latest offering is an old abandoned Girls School, which I’ve been to before, but on this occasion we also managed to find the basement, and the beams of sunlight streaming through the small windows were nothing short of awe-inspiring… You certainly can’t beat spending hours in the dark and damp basement of an old and long abandoned girls school on a sunny Sunday afternoon… Isn’t that every mans idea of the perfect way to spend their weekend ??… ;)

It’s Been A While

So, It’s Been A While… (love this song btw, go give it a listen if it’s not familiar to you)… Anyway, as I was saying, it’s been a while since I put anything on here for various reasons… It’s also been a while since anyone tendered any care and attention on this particular building, which is such a shame as it’s a great building… but getting VERY dangerous…

So a brief catch up with me… Started a new job end of Sept.. reverting back to a previous career of mine, and I have to say it’s going great… I’ve also had a number of urbex outings too recently, one of which this shot comes from, so apologies to those of you who prefer my more tranquil landscape’y type posts (and flowers !!), but I do find a certain beauty in these places too… Plus it’s one heck of a challenge to find and capture something appealing, and also quite the challenge to get out without having fallen through the floor… Oh, and getting in can be quite interesting too sometimes.. ;)

Seasons End


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