The camera never lies… Or does it !?!?…


Hopping Off


Pony Pandemonium

More from our recent holiday in the New Forest… oh, and a touch more about the ever so friendly wildlife too…

So you may recall that I mentioned the free roaming New Forest Ponies and Donkeys in my “And We’re Back” post, and how they are even free to roam in to your cottage if you leave the door open… Well as a bonus, here’s a shot of said Pony… The big one that is, and not the smaller one you see in the background… (more…)

Karma’s August Rainbow Challenge

Well here are my entries for the Rainbow Challenge… Fortunately due to a fairly pleasant summer most of the shots are all entirely new and “kinda” summery… but I had to throw a couple of old favourites in there too..

Red – and I have to confess to struggling to find any decent red shots, so you’ll have to make do with a nice little red Ferrari Dino 246 from our summer hols… Not mine unfortunately, but it was in Beaulieu Motor Museum that we visited during our summer hols, so it counts… Oh, and one of those red things from the garden too (not my garden though)…


World Photography Day

I know… Two birdy posts in a row… Well, as it’s apparently World Photography Day, I figured what better opportunity to dust off one of my very own personal favourite photo’s ever taken by me… back in 2006… and as much as I hate to admit it, with an *ahem* Nikon… S’cuse me !!… An old E8700 semi compact… (Actually, it is a real good little camera, even now, just don’t tell anyone I admitted that… ‘k)… BUT, if you look at this one large, and compare it to my previous Red Tailed Hawk viewed large… Well, you’ll see the “real” difference between this old shot, and what I’m using now.. ;)

NO !!.. You Can't Have a Straw... Do it like this...

She Said WHAT !!…

So, one of the aforementioned stories from our recent holiday… Kids can be so embarrassing eh…

We were heading though a small village in the heart of the New Forest, which for reasons I’ve not yet investigated was the “Witch” capital of the New Forest… full of lots of little souvenir shops selling.. well.. witch and wizard and dragon based souvenirs… So I informed my ever so gullible youngest daughter that this was where ALL the witches live….

*Side note*.. Did you know that the word “gullible” doesn’t actually appear in any dictionaries !!..

Well she had a semi freak out until we told her they were good witches… lol… Anywho, we continued through the village and arrived at a Raptor Centre (hence the photos). As we were walking from the car to the entrance, a woman exits the centre and heads for her car…. As we cross paths my youngest points directly at her, and from literally no more than 2 feet away (and at full volume) asks the following question…. “Dad, is SHE a witch ??”….

Ooooops…. Kids… Gotta love em… ;)

Click the pics to view large… They won’t bite… much… :D

And We’re Back…

…with shots a-plenty, and a few stories to boot… Well, when I say shots-a-plenty, what I actually mean is I took plenty of shots, have discarded most of them as they’re not “quite” good enough (or I’m bored with them already), and I have now narrowed the list of some +700 shots down to just “a” postable shot… or maybe two… lol… Yeah OK, maybe I have a few more than that, but what I don’t post over the next few weeks may very well end up in the back of my digital closet… ;)

We’ve spent some quality time recently in The New Forest, which is a beautiful 220 sq mile tract of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest, where wild New Forest Ponies and donkeys and cows (and sometimes pigs) are free to roam wherever they please… ummmm, even in to your cottage, if you accidentally leave the door open… which will be one of the stories… ;)

Birds of a Feather

and all that stuff… A few weekends ago I took my daughter to a very local RSPB nature reserve, home to thousands of wading birds both native and migrant, and some quite rare breeding birds of prey too, such as Marsh Harriers and Hen Harriers and Hobbies… Far too many species to mention here…

My daughter loved it, armed with her binoculars and bird book, and note book too to make note of all the different species she identified… She managed to list somewhere in the region of +25 different species, which included a pair of Marsh Harriers and a Hobby, and a bus load of Avocets…

I naturally went armed with a long lens and trusty DSLR… and here’s a few of the days fluffier highlights…

Sedge Warbler

Swallow - Ready For Take Off

Yellow Wagtail

Pied Wagtail

Meadow Pipit

Btw… I have been messing about with an idea for a shot, that didn’t exactly turn out as planned, and during editing took on a rather macabre twist, unlike anything I’ve posted in the past… so I’m taking votes on if I should post it ??… Do you wish to see something decidedly less fluffy ??… ;)