The camera never lies… Or does it !?!?…


Steely Solitude

A few more shots from the day spent exploring the abandoned steel mill… IMG_9762_2-2 s

The light on the day was pretty perfect, streaming through all the holes in the steel cladding of the buildings, and that was fortunate given the utter lack of lighting or power within the buildings themselves. It sure was extremely dark in places, which the shots belie. Sometimes the only way to focus was with the aid of torchlight.

IMG_9814_2-2 sLooking forward to the next trip, that’s for sure. Someday… soon… hopefully…


Quiet Abandonment

I have to confess that there’s little that appeals to me more than wandering around an old abandoned steel mill with camera and tripod, spare batteries and cards, a working flash-light and my own never ending curiosity. Especially when there’s some pretty amazing light streaming through the holes in the walls and roof.

IMG_9720_2-2 s

The pictures seriously do NOT give an accurate idea of exactly how dark it was in there though, and trying to navigate between various levels in almost total darkness was decidedly entertaining… especially when venturing right up on top of the roof!!.. Ladders and ascents not for the feint hearted, especially with all the necessary camera gear in tow.

IMG_9711_3-2 s

The doorway shown above, at the end of the narrow walkway was the one that led out on to a narrow platform before the final ladder to the roof, and maybe gives a better idea of how dark it actually was. Fun fun fun :)

IMG_9571_2-2 sRumour is that there’s a possible buyer for the place though, so maybe this was my final abandoned adventure there, unless I manage to squeeze in another one obviously. Still have a few shots left to post at least. :)


Nuclear Skyline

IMG_2807 watermarked

Karma’s Scavenger Hunt – June

I unfortunately really never had time to get any shots for this months Karma’s scavenger hunt, apart from one purple flower thingy wotsit, so I’ve pretty much had to trawl through my archives… But in an attempt to compensate for my lack of time and effort, I’ve included a couple of shots for most of the required themes…

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The themes were…

A Colourful Bird
And as I wasn’t allowed to post a “proper” Ladybird.. lol… Well… I had to just plump for a few old pics of some colourful birds…

A Grad (of any sort)
So we have Peppa Pigs Class of 2010… and they DID all graduate… Honest… ;)
We also have me graduating in the basics of simple science, thanks to the teachings of Aswirly, and YES, I DID graduate… Honest… ;)

A Dad (of any sort)
Well I was going to plump for an old fave Swan shot of mine, but I’m thinking that it’s likely a Mother and baby, and as I’m not sure how to (or brave enough to) determine the sex of Swans… well… I went with an old clone shot of Me(s) and my Daughter(s) and Cat(s)…

Something Purple
Well this is the one shot I actually did manage to take for this month… and it’s one of those flowery type things… The PointyPurplePettalus… I think..
Oh, and one of my favourite “purple’y BLUE” shots, of The Lloyds “inside out” Building in London

A Butterfly
Well this was “nearly” a shot from this month, but it was from a trip last month to a wildlife centre with a tropical butterfly house, and unbeknown to my youngest daughter, one of the largest of the BF’s in the house landed on her hat… and sat there for some time, happy to just ride around, much to the amusement of everyone except my daughter (who couldn’t see it)… Oh, and a couple of other butterfly shots for good measure..

A Funny Face
Well, you can’t beat a cow at close quarters for a funny face methinks… especially as close as this shot was… This is a pretty old shot, and using the wide-angle lens I was, I had NO idea exactly how close said cow was… That was until the tongue came out and covered my lens in cow spit… Which was nice… lol.. And as a special bonus, there’s the shot a friend took of me capturing the cow spit shot…

A Cow
Well if the first two cow shots don’t count, then there’s an additional one of some cows on a rather moody day in the Lake District… This one was captured without having to endure additional cow spit, but if you look at the sky, you might be able to figure I got pretty wet shortly after taking this shot…

Up and At’em

More than enough flowers and fluffy stuff… Time for some new good ol’ fashioned modern old stuff…

Slugs In Print

Well I was asked, and did promise to post more info on the two shots I’ve just had published in two camera magazines… So here they are…. finally in glorious print….

I have to confess to being ever so slightly pleased to have had some shots published, but the best part for me is that I never submitted the shots to the magazines, but was actually approached and asked if they could publish them…

The double page spread “Potters Rays” is in this October’s issue of PhotoPlus magazine (Iss 40), and “Part Deux” was in September’s issue of Digital Camera (Iss 103)… Sorry once again for blowing my own trumpet, but it’s the first time I’ve ever been published… :D

Steel Climbing

Well I know this shot isn’t going to be to everyone’s liking, but I have to sometimes confess to having a bit of a thing for industrial photography…

So today I had the opportunity to have a wander around one of our local steel plants, where they crush the slag (by-product of steel manufacturing) for use in road surfacing materials… During the tour I managed to venture up to the very top of their highest crushing silo for the grand view of the… ummmm… beautiful surroundings… lol… But who’s going to refuse a huge climbing frame in an adults playground… Not me that’s for sure… Don’t know exactly how high it was, but it was plenty high enough for me to be pretty determined not to drop anything…

So anyway, sorry it’s not quite as appealing as a sunset or a pretty flower, but sometimes you have to mix it up a little bit… :)