The camera never lies… Or does it !?!?…


Mindless Macros

Well it’s very rare that I dust off my macro lens… and even rarer that I ever take pictures of those flowery type things… but in a fit of mindlessness today I actually managed both…

I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what this little blue thing is, other than I know it’s NOT a bluebell… It has somehow found its way in to my garden though, along with the long deceased miniature sunflower that I found hiding in an old pot behind the shed…

Maybe this year I might even contemplate planting some other stuff out there, as they can be pretty cool to photograph…

BTW… By all means click and go large, but be careful not to drown in the droplets… :D


Dropping In

Plain and simple just decided to make a mess tonight…. Guess I’d best go and mop up now before someone slips in it… :)



Drop the Big One

Just could not think of an apt title for this one, so had to settle for something lame in the end, but hey… let’s just hope that no one actually reads the title anyway… Hmmm… Well I guess they might now that I’ve drawn attention to it… Well stop reading now and pretend I never mentioned it… Well, when I said stop reading now, I hope you didn’t actually stop reading then, or you’d have missed the bit when I said “pretend I never mentioned it”…. SO… Start again… reading that is….

Pretend I never mentioned the title, and just study the shiny droppy things…. Now you can stop reading….

Phew…. Got away with that I think…. :)