The camera never lies… Or does it !?!?…


Sunset Silhouettes

Sunset Silhouettes


Down By The River


Just occasionally, it is actually worth getting up early in the morning…

Midnight Meanderings

It’s fair to say that I DO love a spot of night photography… All I wish is that night time wasn’t so darn late at night, when it’s all dark and stuff !!.. If nights weren’t so late, and mornings weren’t so early, I’d be a happy bunny mefinks..

This is Appley Tower on the Isle of Wight. The tower itself wasn’t lit unfortunately, so the shot itself had to be a 2 minute exposure to make best use of a few scattered street lights along the promenade behind me. Way off on the horizon you can also see another landmark from a previous vacation, which is the Spinnaker Tower with the ever so slightly impressive but disconcerting view..

Up The Creek

A shot from the end of a rather pleasant day out with friends… although one of them got in to all sorts of mischief.  More on that in another post. Spent the day investigating some unused churches around the area, and ended up here for a few rather nice landscapey type shots… Not entirely sure about this one, as I do hate the sun being burnt out like that, but I loved the light it was casting across the scene… Note to self, must get myself a graduated ND filter mefinks.. along with all the other things I want…


So yesterday I managed to blow the dust off, and get out with my camera for the first time this year… and very quickly realise the reason why I HAVEN’T  been out with my camera this year… It was COLD !!..

Took this one with my real camera, but also decided to test the capabilities of my iPhone too while my blood was slowly crystallizing… and I have to confess, for a camera phone it’s pretty iMazing to say the least… I’ve been impressed with it already on a number of occasions, but last nights picture almost made me put my real camera away !!.. Only almost though, as it will never compete with a Canon obviously.. :)

If you’re on Instagram, then you can find it / me by searching for funkyslug… Or here’s a link to it for those who aren’t on Instagram…

Feeling Reflective

Spent rather a pleasant afternoon strolling along the river with a good friend, and her new Canon 5D Mk II (no fair… lol)… Spent most of the time with one eye open for any potential photo opportunities, and the other eye on her… waiting for her to fall in, so that I could do the decent thing that any friend would do… and grab her camera before it got wet… Well, if she were washed away, I’m sure she’d be only too happy knowing that her camera was going to be looked after !!… Right ??… :D

Karma’s August Rainbow Challenge

Well here are my entries for the Rainbow Challenge… Fortunately due to a fairly pleasant summer most of the shots are all entirely new and “kinda” summery… but I had to throw a couple of old favourites in there too..

Red – and I have to confess to struggling to find any decent red shots, so you’ll have to make do with a nice little red Ferrari Dino 246 from our summer hols… Not mine unfortunately, but it was in Beaulieu Motor Museum that we visited during our summer hols, so it counts… Oh, and one of those red things from the garden too (not my garden though)…