The camera never lies… Or does it !?!?…


Sunset Silhouettes

Sunset Silhouettes


Midnight Meanderings

It’s fair to say that I DO love a spot of night photography… All I wish is that night time wasn’t so darn late at night, when it’s all dark and stuff !!.. If nights weren’t so late, and mornings weren’t so early, I’d be a happy bunny mefinks..

This is Appley Tower on the Isle of Wight. The tower itself wasn’t lit unfortunately, so the shot itself had to be a 2 minute exposure to make best use of a few scattered street lights along the promenade behind me. Way off on the horizon you can also see another landmark from a previous vacation, which is the Spinnaker Tower with the ever so slightly impressive but disconcerting view..

Karma’s August Rainbow Challenge

Well here are my entries for the Rainbow Challenge… Fortunately due to a fairly pleasant summer most of the shots are all entirely new and “kinda” summery… but I had to throw a couple of old favourites in there too..

Red – and I have to confess to struggling to find any decent red shots, so you’ll have to make do with a nice little red Ferrari Dino 246 from our summer hols… Not mine unfortunately, but it was in Beaulieu Motor Museum that we visited during our summer hols, so it counts… Oh, and one of those red things from the garden too (not my garden though)…


Let’s All Streak…

Firstly, a quick apology for being utterly blog absent for the past almost couple of weeks, but I’ve been suffering from broadband speeds reminiscent of syrup rolling uphill… and my patience in waiting 6 weeks for every single page to load very quickly wore almost as thin as my hair…

I’d like to say it gave me plenty of time to edit images, but unfortunately not, as I have developed the usual disinterest in shots that are more than a week old… lol… I’m sure I have plenty old shots to air, and maybe I’ll get round to them sooner or later… Speaking of which, here’s one that has been gathering dust for a while now… I’m hoping to get a few more star shots soon, as I’ve a nice little trip planned to a real picturesque area… weather and darkness permitting… ;)

As for the broadband issues… Well fingers crossed they’re resolved now, but I’m only crossing fingers, as holding my breath may result in some discolouration… It has been pretty frustrating though, as the so called “tech experts” available at the end of the phone were very quickly established to be JUST a call centre in some far away land, who’s only qualification seemed to be the ability to read the exact same list of questions from the screen in front of them… “Have you re-started your router / Have you re-started your computer / Have you unplugged your phone / Have you had this exact same conversation 10 times before / Have you realised I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about / Have you got ANY patience left at all”….. You get the idea…. The WORST thing though, was that THEIR online speedtester told me that THEY had restricted the IP profile speed on my line, hence my speed problems… and despite informing them of this particular key result, they were unable to assist, as this wasn’t on their list of “Have you turned it off and on again” questions !!!…  Every time I spoke to them, the only solution seemed to be “I’ve re-set everything, and it’ll all be fine in the morning”…. Ummmm…. NO !!!… lol… Finally they sent an engineer out, and his FIRST response to my rant was “Well yes indeed… They’ve restricted the IP profile speed on your line… That’s why your broadband is cr*p !!, why didn’t they just remove the restriction !?!?”….

Hmmmmm…. Now why didn’t I think of that !!!….

Rant complete… Normal service will be resumed shortly… Hopefully… :)

Ahoy There !!

This is HMS Warrior berthed in Portsmouth Harbour at sunset… Actually it’s been there a lot longer than that. When HMS Warrior was launched back in 1860, she was the largest, fastest and most powerful warship in the world… and was Britain’s first iron hulled and armoured warship. The pride of Queen Victoria’s fleet, she was both steam and sail powered… Fully restored in 1979, at a cost of £8 million, she’s now essentially a living museum, and is pretty impressive… Although maybe not quite so impressive as HMS Victory a few hundred metres away… Some pics of that some time soon…

Here’s the ships wheels on the upper deck, and judging by the size of them I’m guessing it must have taken some steering under rough conditions…

Btw, is it JUST me, or does anyone else hate it when people dress their kids in identical clothes !?!?… I’m sure my wife / kids did this JUST to annoy the heck out of me !!… lol.. All I can say is that I’m glad they’re not twins… or someone would be in serious trouble… ;)

Finally, here’s a view below decks on the main gun deck, showing one of the twenty two 68 pound guns, and a few itty bitty shells…

Grow Your Own

This past week has finally seen the beginnings of spring, with some very nice weather… Even shorts and t-shirt weather for some of us… although it has to be said the evenings are still quite chilly… Yesterday evening though showed signs of being one of those stunning sunsets, and I have to confess to being a sucker for a sunset, but it’s never as much fun, nor does it feel very safe going out alone, near dark, with a bag full of rather expensive camera gear….

It appears though that finally I have a solution to part of that particular problem… I now have myself a “grow your own” shooting buddy… in the way of my eldest daughter… Now she’s always been kinda interested in taking pictures, but has never really had a camera that takes “proper” pictures… She’s only had those real cheap and nasty compacts, that take 5 unrecognisably blurred images before the battery gives out… and hence never really got in to it…

Last weekend though I decided it was time to hand down my spare DSLR, as it was just gathering dust… SO… my grow your own now has her first real camera… And she LOVES it… and can’t wait to go shooting again… I know going out with her won’t BE any safer, but it’s more fun than being on your own… and if the need arises I can always use her as a human shield, or a bargaining tool… :)

This is her btw… capturing the sunset…. Guess now I also need to hand down my spare tripod !!!….

Time To Reflect