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Just Another Castle…

Oh, and a few birds thrown in for good measure too… as you know we do love our birds… Especially our Ladybirds !!… ;)

Birds Or Bugs

Well everybody else seems to be doing it, and I have really needed to make better use of mine, so I’ve given in to a spot of MMM… (March Macro Madness), and given a bit of spring weather this weekend I attached said macro, and went in search of all things tiny…

The real question to me though… and I KNOW given the geographical location of majority of my blog buddies that it’s an argument I’ve already lost regardless… BUT, I’m never one to be defeated so easily…. lol… SO….Ladybirds or Ladybugs ???…

I know I’m right though, cos wikipedia says so… lol… to quote… “The name “ladybird” originated in Britain where the insects became known as “Our Lady‘s bird” or the “Lady beetle”.[8][9] Mary (Our Lady) was often depicted wearing a red cloak in early paintings and the spots of the seven spot ladybird (the most common in Europe) were said to symbolise herseven joys and¬†seven sorrows.[8] Common names in other European languages have the same association (the German name Marienk√§fer translates to “Marybeetle” or, literally, Mary-chafer).[10] In the United States the name was adapted to “ladybug”.[10]

SEE… LadyBIRD !!… Ladybug was just an adaptation of the correct name… lol… ;)

I WIN !!… especially as I can edit anyones comments, to make sure they agree with me… lol… :p

View large, and tickle him under the chin if you dare… He won’t bite… much… ;)


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