The camera never lies… Or does it !?!?…

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A Happy Accident

High Five.. Anyone !?!?… :)

Well ok, maybe (fortunately) not entirely an accident… but certainly unplanned… or at least not entirely planned… :)

SO… Voting from the previous “fluffy” post was almost unanimous in favour of something decidedly less fluffy / altogether more macabre… Well don’t say you weren’t given the choice… ;)

You’ll be glad to know though, that no harm befell anyone or anything during the making of this shot… that is unless you include the demon garden hose… There’s a lesson to be learned there, and that is when taking photographs in the garden, never assume the garden hose is fully conversant with rule 7.14, which is “Active garden hoses, must at all times during their duties of water dispensing, ensure they always look away from the camera”

This shot is actually a whole lot more innocent than it may first appear, and my original idea was entirely different to the slant my post-processing took… I originally intended to take a shot with just plain old water running down my hand and off my fingertips, and I was then going to spin it through 180°, turn it black and white… and hope it looked kinda unique, with the water flowing upwards… Well, it didn’t… lol…

Hence after my initial disappointment, it then took on a more disturbing twist… Trust me though, this WAS that shot with plain old boring garden hose water, which has then been entirely photoshopped to look like… well.. not like water… ;)

So there ya go… from fluffy critters, to golden sunsets, to flowers, to freaky vegetables, to abandoned and spooky buildings, to the licking cows… and now something altogether less wholesome… :)