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Me Next… MAKEUP !!!…

So, as much as my blog tends to lack much in the way of animals and stuff, this is more to do with me mostly taking the simpler more inanimate options…. and leaving the chasing stuff through fields and forests to the more committed… Plus I find that trying to photograph bears with my 10mm poses one or two minor risks… Not that we have too many wild bears in the UK…  I think my cat scares most of them away… Well it’s either my cat or my rotting banana-skin hat (It’s a classic bear deterrent dontchaknow… and works a treat)… ;)

I DO however love taking pictures of Swans, as we have quite the abundance of them here, and almost anywhere where there’s fresh water, then there’s bound to be a small bucket or two full of swans….

PLUS… You don’t have to do ANY chasing, as they’re so vain, that whenever you arrive with a camera then they’re sure to come pose…. Either that or they’re just plain greedy, and assume my camera bag is full of pickle sandwiches (yeah they like pickles… and marmite)… :)

Maybe I should do a Swan Series… Wodyafink ???

Oh, and as a warning… I have a flower shot… of JUST a flower… that may find its way on here at some point in the future… You have been warned… :)